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Titanium Rod Technical Requirements

- Jul 25, 2017 -

1: Titanium and titanium alloy bar chemical composition should be consistent with GB / T 3620.1, the provisions of the need to repeat the time, the chemical composition of the allowable deviation should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 3620.2.

2: The diameter or side length of the hot-worked bars and their permissible deviations shall be in accordance with Table 1.

3: After thermal processing by the car (mill) light bar and cold-rolled, cold-drawn bar diameter deviation should be consistent with the provisions of Table II.

4: After the thermal processing by car (grinding) light bar of the roundness should not be greater than half the size of its tolerance.

5: The length of the bar is 300-6000mm. The length of the bar is 300-2000mm. The length of the length or length shall be within the length of the length of the bar. The allowable deviation of the length of the length is +20mm ; The length of the foot should also be included in the bar of the incision, the amount of each cut 5mm. Length or length should be specified in the contract.

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