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August Magnesium Market Forecast

- Sep 07, 2017 -

The price of magnesium is expected to rise in the month, but the real gain is indeed unexpected. Too fast after the rise is a rapid decline in the end of August, the rapid decline in the price of magnesium led to a very chaotic market prices, manufacturers around the price gap of about 1000 yuan/ton. 

September Magnesium prices will continue to decline, the specific decline to see the price of ferrosilicon decline. At present, the increase in the production of Ferrosilicon, as well as the relief of the supply of ferrosilicon raw materials will be a pressure on the price of Ferrosilicon, in view of September steel prices are still high, expected to September, the price correction of Ferrosilicon Limited. In view of this, the September magnesium ingot price range is estimated at 17,000 yuan ~. 750,000 yuan/ton, FOB Tianjin port Price is estimated at $2630 ~2670 USD/ton.

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