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The Next 20 Years Will Be The 20 Years For Development Of Aluminum Materials

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The "2017 China Top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum", sponsored by China Enterprise Federation and China Entrepreneur Association, was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on September 9 10th. China Aluminum Group Professor Senior Engineer Liu Xiangmin attended and lectured.

Liu Xiangmin First said that the Chinese aluminum company in order to make the material technology well developed, the establishment of professional person management system, the nine aluminum processing enterprises formed aluminum processing Division, "The annual output increased by 15%, the Chinese aluminum company extension rate to more than 80%, operating conditions are very healthy."

Liu Xiangmin Introduction, the last 10 years is China's lightweight materials development and research and development of a good period, the Chinese aluminum company invested about 2 billion yuan of research and development costs, to achieve the replacement of materials. "At present we mainly in the third generation of aluminum alloy and the fourth generation, we completely eliminated the first generation and the second generation."

Liu Xiangmin said that after the Wright brothers invented the aircraft, and did not get a lot of applications, this situation until the advent of aluminum alloy progress, aviation has become an increasingly important component of transport. "The next 20 years, should be aluminum 20, aluminum material vigorously developed in 20, in the world gave us a very good opportunity and window."

When it comes to the car's lightweight business, Liu Xiangmin said Chinalco was a research and production company in that area. In the process of production and construction, automotive lightweight material manufacturing is not the main obstacle, the application of engineering is the direction we want to focus on the various parts of the car, all parts of the structure formed a series of products, material properties have been widely praised by the industry, including the seemingly simple but very complex parts.

"The lightweight of cars or the promotion of materials must be multidisciplinary, multiple industries, many different disciplines across the boundary of the results, a company to promote lightweight is very difficult." We are willing to do this work with you, "Liu Xiangmin said.

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