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Titanium Material Price Reduction Enterprises By Order Production

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Titanium ore: Last week, Sichuan Panzhihua Area 45% Titanium ore prices rose slightly, reported 1350 yuan ~1400 yuan/ton. It is reported that under the influence of environmental pressure, small and medium-sized enterprises continue to stop production. In the short term the price is still mainly stable, some enterprises offer a small increase. Imported ore, due to high prices, so that the import of low volume of ore, at present, the Indian mine tax price of 2000 yuan ~2100 Yuan/ton, Australian 1500~1600 Yuan/ton, Vietnam 1600 yuan/ton.

Titanium dioxide: Last week, the reporter from the south some titanium dioxide enterprises learned that by environmental protection inspectors work, enterprises still reduce production or even shutdown, titanium dioxide market "deserted" the situation will continue. As of August 25, most of the domestic sulfuric acid process rutile and anatase titanium dioxide mainstream price in 16,000 yuan ~. 80,000 yuan/ton and 13,500 yuan ~. 50,000 yuan/ton.

Sponge Titanium: Last week, the sponge titanium market runs smoothly. Reporter from the south of a sponge titanium enterprise learned that although the recent price stability of titanium tetrachloride, but the price of magnesium ingot continued to rise, profit space to shrink, the current price will not appear to fall. To August 25, Zunyi Titanium industry, Bao Titanium Hua Shen, Chaoyang Gold, double Rivanki, new Li Titanium Industry quotes Sponge Titanium 65,000 yuan/ton.

Titanium Material: This weekend, titanium material prices downward, most of the titanium manufacturers wait and see the mood is thicker, procurement sponge titanium is also ordered production. To August 25, titanium ingot 68,000 ~. 20,000 yuan/ton, titanium plate 90,000 dates million/ton, titanium tube 125,000 $number million/ton.

Magnesium ingot: By the cost of the price increase in the impact of the continued rise in magnesium ingot prices have been gradually accepted by the market. As of last weekend, the price of magnesium ingots has exceeded the 18,000 yuan mark.

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