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New Technology Of Magnesium

- Sep 08, 2017 -

The Australian Federal Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has announced that it has developed a new magnesium smelting technology called "magnesium Sonic", which can save 80% of the energy and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 60%, and is expected to revitalize the magnesium manufacturing industry.Magnesium is the lightest material in all metals and has important application value. Automotive manufacturing is seen as a solution to weight reduction and emissions reduction, so demand from the auto industry is growing. Magnesium is also an important material of aviation industry, can be used to manufacture aircraft fuselage, engine parts and so on, but because the smelting cost is higher limit the application scope.

CSIRO the new smelting technology can produce high quality magnesium efficiently through the carbon's thermal reduction reaction to the magnesium ore and the equipment known as the supersonic nozzle. "Supersonic nozzle" is a device similar to a rocket engine nozzle, which enables magnesium vapor and carbon monoxide of the heat-reducing product to pass through the millisecond rate of 4 times times the speed of sound, making magnesium vapor condense and solidify into magnesium instantaneously.

The innovation sector of the CSIRO and Enirgi Group will further open and validate the "magnesium sonic" technology. Once the commercial viability of the technology is demonstrated, the Enirgi group will have the opportunity to obtain a global exclusive license for the technology and will set up a commercial-scale magnesium production plant in Australia for the first time.

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