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The Development Prospect Of Titanium Industry In Thirteen-Five Period Is Broad

- Aug 23, 2017 -

The development of titanium industry is closely related to the global economic well-being, and has undergone 3 booms and 3 depressions. 3 times of prosperity began in the economic boom, and 3 recessions began in the global economic downturn, reflecting a strong cyclical, mainly because of the important downstream applications of titanium is more strongly cyclical industry. With the weak recovery of the global economy, demand for high-strength lightweight materials is increasing in different industries, and the demand for titanium products has increased; the growth of electricity, medical, chemical and aerospace will lead to the development of the titanium industry and create more demand in the world. The global titanium industry is expected to grow at a 2015-2020-year CAGR of 3%.

China's titanium industry is still on the upward trend by the national major project.

"Thirteen-Five" period, on the one hand, with the domestic large transport aircraft shipped 20 of the formal row, ARJ21 and C919 industrialization and domestic propulsion, China's aviation industry and engine manufacturing is into the development of the fast lane, in addition, a large number of Boeing and Airbus aircraft structures began to be manufactured by the larger domestic aviation manufacturers, China's aviation industry, the leap-forward growth will drive high-end titanium products demand for sustained growth; On the other hand, manned, unmanned submersibles to achieve industrialization, will drive deep-sea oil and gas exploration, resources development, marine equipment manufacturing, naval equipment and other emerging industries flourish, will further promote the application of titanium products.

Emerging countries begin to actively develop titanium industry

South Korea's Ministry of Industry in January 2016 put forward the "Titanium industry cultivation policy", relying on Posco in Qing Shang to build South Korea's titanium industry base, focusing on the aviation, medical components of the localization, vigorously develop titanium materials, 2021 became the world's fifth largest titanium industry power. Countries such as Australia, India and Vietnam have also developed national development plans for the titanium industry to guide the development of their titanium industry. It is expected to have an impact on the future of the world's titanium industry.

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