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How To Weld Titanium Tube

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Titanium pipeline welding process is in the atmosphere using manual tungsten inert gas shielded welding (GTAW) welding method. Welding on the titanium tube groove and the sides of the 25mm within the inner and outer surface of the oil removal, the application of austenitic stainless steel wire brush, reamer and other mechanical methods to remove its oxide film, burrs and surface defects. The cleaning tool should be dedicated and kept clean; the surface of the groove after mechanical cleaning and the filler wire should be degreased before welding with acetone or ethanol without sulfur. Welding process, the use of special protective measures, so that the titanium tube welding area temperature may exceed 400 ℃ part of the local or all in the effective protection of argon, titanium tube to achieve the purpose of welding.

Construction Inspection → Material Acceptance → Cross Inspection → Cutting and Groove Processing → Groove Peripheral Treatment → Weldment Group → Welding → Weld Inspection → Weld PT, RT Flaw Detection → Prefabricated Pipe Seal Pressure Test → Drainage, Drying → Nozzle closed transport → site assembly.

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