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China Has Developed Into The World's First Manufacturer Of Fasteners Manufacturing

- Jul 25, 2017 -

China's fastener industry through decades of hard work, has grown steadily, has now developed into the world's first manufacturer of fasteners manufacturing, but also fasteners export power, export products all over the world countries and regions, by a wide range welcome. We have a friendly friendship with friends from all over the world. We are proud to contribute to the fastener industry in China, and we are proud to be proud of the world's fasteners.

The recent economic situation in the world complex, as well as the impact of the international financial crisis, some countries, trade protection, and tariff barriers and so on. We as a fastener export power, in international trade, repeated anti-dumping shocks. In particular, since January 30, 2009, the EU anti-dumping final ruling on China's steel fastener products imposed up to 85% of the anti-dumping duties, since China's European fastener market share fell sharply from 26% to 0.5% China's fastener enterprises suffered major setbacks.

As the case is not fair and equitable treatment, our industry in the Ministry of Commerce, CCPIT and the Electrical and Mechanical Chamber of Commerce with the strong support and help, rationally argued, reasonable defense, and finally in January 18, 2016, the WTO announced China v. EU part of the iron and steel fasteners final anti - dumping measures dispute case enforcement appeal of the Appeal Agency report.

WTO anti-dumping measures dispute case enforcement appeal mechanism to fully support the Chinese side's position and advocate, once again ruled that the EU anti-dumping measures to maintain the Chinese products in violation of WTO rules. Forcing the EU on February 27, 2016 announced the abolition of anti-dumping measures against me. At this point, for our fastener industry, is to get a long-awaited victory.

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