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Chlor - Alkali Industry

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Chlor-alkali industry is an important basic raw material industry, its production and development of a great impact on the national economy. This is because titanium corrosion resistance of chloride ions is better than the commonly used stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. At present, widely used in the chlor-alkali industry to produce titanium anode electrolytic cell, ion-exchange membrane, wet chlorine cooler, refined brine preheater, dechlorination tower, chlorine cooling scrubber. The main components of these equipment in the past more use of non-metallic materials (such as graphite, polyvinyl chloride, etc.), due to non-metallic materials, mechanical properties, thermal stability and processing performance is not ideal, resulting in heavy equipment, energy consumption, short life , And affect product quality and pollute the environment. Therefore, since the 1970s, began with metal anode batteries and ion-exchange membrane instead of graphite trough, with titanium wet chlorine cooler instead of graphite cooler, have achieved good results.

For example: Titanium wet chlorine cooler applications. Salt electrolytic production of caustic soda is to produce a large number of high temperature wet chlorine, the temperature is generally 75 ~ 95 ℃, need to be cooled and dried before use. China's salt electrolysis system for the production of chlorine, previously because of the cooling process is unreasonable or due to corrosion of the cooling equipment affect the chlorine production and quality, but also seriously pollute the environment. High temperature and humidity chlorine corrosion of titanium cooler put into production, changing the chlor-alkali industry in the production of chlorine production. Titanium in high temperature and humidity chlorine environment is extremely resistant to corrosion, titanium at room temperature in the chlorine water, the corrosion rate of 0.000565mm / a; 80 ℃ in the chlorine water, titanium corrosion rate of 0.00431mm / a; with 95% In wet chlorine, the corrosion rate of titanium at room temperature is 0.00096mm / a. Many chlor-alkali often used titanium wet chlorine cooler, some have been used for nearly 20 years, still intact.

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