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Structure and Concentration Process of Single-effect Vacuum Concentration Tank

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Structure and Concentration Process of Single-effect Vacuum Concentration Tank

Vacuum concentration with single-effect concentration and continuous concentration. The structure of single-effect concentrating tank is generally steel enamel reaction tank or steel tank lined with acid-resistant ceramic plate, lead-lined, etc., the use of a serpentine tube or jacket for steam heating, tank top vapor-liquid separation device and feed valve, The bottom of the discharge valve, the tank is also equipped with level gauge, thermometer and vacuum gauge. The concentration of the process is as follows: Titanium liquid in the concentration tank, the indirect steam heated by the serpentine tube to reach the boiling point in vacuo, the titanium began to vaporize the water, discharged from the top of the concentration tank into the vapor-liquid separator, After the initial separation of the steam from the bottom into the condenser upstream, the cooling water spray from the top down, full contact with the steam, condensing from the pressure tube to the water seal pool flow system, the uncondensed gas , Discharged from the top of the condenser, the vapor-liquid separation device to the vacuum buffer tank, and then discharged to the atmosphere by the vacuum pump.

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