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Vacuum concentration should pay attention to matters

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Vacuum concentration should pay attention to matters

① in strict accordance with operating procedures.

② Strict control of steam pressure, vacuum, feed, feed concentration and concentration temperature to ensure that the titanium concentrate to meet the target requirements.

③ If the cooling water is too large during the condensation process, the cooling water can not be completely discharged from the pressure pipe, so that the coolant water level in the condenser is higher than the inlet pipe of the condensing steam and enters the top of the concentrator, Flow to the concentrated titanium liquid seal pool, so that the concentration of titanium liquid dropped sharply, reaching the purpose of enrichment. To this end, we must prevent the cooling water flow titanium liquid seal pool.

④ If the system is more serious air leaks or insufficient amount of exhaust gas or heat when the steam is too large or insufficient cooling water will reduce the degree of vacuum. Should maintain the vacuum at 8 * 104Pa above, to prevent the above phenomenon.

⑤ If the flow rate of titanium liquid is too large, the overflow pipe of the concentrator is too late to discharge or the overflow pipe of the concentrator is blocked or the overflow pipe leaks, etc., the titanium liquid will enter the condensing system. Therefore, the above situation must be prevented.

⑥ If the concentration of the vacuum when the drop or the temperature is too high or cooling water will cause the backflow of titanium dioxide stability decreased early hydrolysis phenomenon, resulting in irreparable damage, we must prevent such accidents.

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