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Advantages of a continuous concentrator

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Advantages of a continuous concentrator

Compared with the single-effect vacuum concentration tank, the continuous vacuum-concentrated membrane concentrator has the following six advantages.

① continuous operation, than the intermittent operation is simple, but also easy to automate.

② high concentration efficiency, a Φ360mm film concentrator, its production capacity is equivalent to 4 sets of single-volume 3000L concentrator.

③ due to the liquid titanium tube heating area, heat evenly, so that less energy consumption.

④ equipment covers an area of small.

⑤ titanium liquid heating time is short. Titanium liquid tube in the tube up rate generally up to 20-25m / s, the actual heating time is only 0.08 a 0.20s, so it is very conducive to maintaining the stability of titanium liquid. The single-effect enrichment tank concentration, titanium liquid heating time is often up to several hours, which will result in decreased stability of titanium liquid.

⑥ concentrated titanium solution concentration. Concentration in the single effect with the concentration tank, with the evaporation of water, tank liquid level continues to decline, the heat exchange area smaller and smaller, evaporate more and more slowly, to a certain level, continue to heat has been worth the candle, if you dilute Titanium solution concentration is low, the concentration of concentrated titanium solution is also low, or even less than the target requirements. The thin film concentrator concentration, only adjust the amount of feed and heating steam pressure, even dilute titanium concentration, can also be concentrated to a higher concentration of concentrated titanium.

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