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Thin film concentrator vacuum concentration operation

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Thin film concentrator vacuum concentration operation

① The test to be concentrated into the titanium liquid to be concentrated Titanium high tank, and concentrated titanium liquid water tank in the injection of a certain amount of liquid titanium to maintain fluid seal.

② start the vacuum pump, turn on the cooling water, and adjust the cooling water flow and adjust the vacuum at 8 * 104 Pa above.

③ open the valve below the flow meter, titanium liquid into the titanium tube evaporator, 6m2 concentrator feed control at 1-1. 5m3 / h. 14m2 concentrator control at 1. 5-3m3 / h. The introduction of titanium liquid evaporator heat transfer area of 260m2, to meet the 15,000 tons / year titanium dioxide production requirements.

④ Open the steam valve, and keep the vacuum pressure at 4.9 * 104-7.8 * 104Pa vapor pressure, control the titanium liquid temperature between 70-75 ℃.

⑤ titanium concentration measured on time, so that the total titanium content indicators meet the requirements.

⑥ concentration stop, the first off steam valve, titanium liquid to continue feeding 3-5min, until the temperature drops slightly close the feed valve, then off the cooling water and vacuum pump.

⑦ Open the discharge valve below the concentrator, put the Titanium solution in the concentrator, and then add the un-concentrated Titanium Dioxide to the condensed Titanium Dioxide to make the indicator of the Titanium solution hydrolysable Process requirements.

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