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There is no rule, it is difficult to achieve a radius

- Mar 15, 2018 -

There is no rule, it is difficult to achieve a radius. Shuangrui Casting has strict enforcement rules, and quality branches, departments, processes, and employees are controlled at four levels. There are three 100% authoritative inspections for the processing of raw materials into the factory to the factory: 100% for raw material sponge titanium quality control batch inspection, 100% for production process inspection control, and 100% for finished product inspection and control. Strict quality control, strict implementation of the system, natural gestation of the conscious behavior of the decision-making level, management, and executive level, extends the connotation of “consistently discuss, discuss and decide, and do what is right and what is right”.

Quality is the life of an enterprise and it is also a magic weapon for companies to go to market and win market. Today, Shuangrui Precision Casting has become one of the professional suppliers of high-end titanium alloy castings, titanium equipment, plates, belts and pipes at home and abroad. Acquired the AS9100C international aerospace quality system certification, won the United States aerospace and defense contract credit project, obtained the naval equipment quality management system, military product quality system certification, at the same time, access to quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management System Certification.

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