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Do not let the titanium product bug hurt the user's heart

- Mar 17, 2018 -

In the titanium civil product industry, high technical content, high processing costs, and difficult market promotion have always been a problem that plagues enterprises. When we are trying to solve the current problems, we should put product quality first. Only product quality can meet with titanium. Health characteristics correspond.

Titanium, as the metal material closest to the human body, should have become the most popular product. However, due to a small "ignorance", the product is greatly reduced. Recently, the reporter heard a Tucao message: A certain brand of titanium electric kettle in the inner wall of rubber aprons fixed clips. Among the many pot brands, there is not yet a kettle that will have a similar phenomenon, but this titanium kettle does not know what to consider when using a rubber apron set in a heated kettle. When the kettle is heated to 100 degrees Celsius, the rubber will inevitably be released. What is the health significance of the titanium kettle? Titanium health has been "locked throat" by the rubber apron. In fact, this is not an example. Titanium products will have more or less details, but the red line that omits the details of titanium health cannot be touched.

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