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Rational view of the tungsten ore prices

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Rational view of the tungsten ore prices

Tungsten resources are the strategic minerals that are necessary for the development of China's economy, national defense and strategic emerging industries. As early as 1991, the State Council classified tungsten, tin, antimony and ionic rare earth minerals as the specific types of ore exploited by the State for protection and started controlling the total amount of tungsten ore mined in 2002. The National Mineral Resource Planning (2016-2020) has formulated a strategic mineral inventory that includes 24 kinds of minerals such as tungsten in its strategic mineral inventory and continues to implement the total amount control of tungsten mining. By 2020, total tungsten mining The quantity index is controlled at 120,000 tons / year, and the comprehensive tungsten utilization is clearly included in the management of the total exploitation index. Promote the coordination of tungsten resources development with regional development, industrial development, environmental protection and resource protection, strengthen the control over the total amount of mined production, strengthen self-regulation of the industry, prevent and control risks, maintain and consolidate the smooth and healthy operation of the tungsten concentrate market, and promote the protection of tungsten resources And rational development and utilization is a problem that deserves our attention and research.

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