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Zirconium Rod

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Zirconium rod

Zirconium rod, is the use of metal zirconium and other metal alloy tube material. Due to its excellent zirconium core and corrosion resistance, zirconium alloy rods are often used in nuclear fuel assemblies and in-pile structures of water-cooled reactors and are important nuclear materials. Pure zirconium rod is mainly used to manufacture chemical equipment, because the amount of expensive not much. Common zirconium rod chemical composition and its use, see table, which zirconium-tin alloy rod more.

(1)Zirconium has strong affinity with the gas. It reacts with oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen at about 200, 300 and 400 ° C, respectively, and reacts rapidly at higher temperatures. Therefore, the melting and heat treatment are carried out in a vacuum furnace. When carrying out thermal processing in the atmosphere, proper protection measures should be taken and operational hours at high temperatures should be shortened.

(2) The friction coefficient between zirconium and mold is high, which is easy to adhere to the mold surface. The thermal effect of plastic deformation is remarkable, and it requires good lubrication conditions during processing.

(3) processing specifications on the performance of the product has a more sensitive impact. In particular, should pay attention to control the cold products before the finished product and heat treatment process to meet the requirements.

(4) The tube bar size and surface quality requirements of high precision. Therefore, the process equipment should have good accuracy, mold design and production should be advanced and reasonable.

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