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Recent International Tungsten Market Trend Stable

- Feb 13, 2018 -

Recent international tungsten market trend stable

Recent international tungsten market trend stable, the price has not fluctuated, although the performance of the domestic tungsten market is still weak, but the raw material prices have stabilized, the bottom of the support has been strengthened. At present, tungsten concentrate market steady operation, holding miners firm offer, mostly watching. It is understood that today 65% wolframite mainstream offer is still 10.4-10.7 million / standard ton, 65% scheelite at 10.3-106,000 / standard ton, 50-55% tungsten concentrate at 10-10.3 / Standard ton. Despite the enthusiasm of downstream tungsten smelting plant procurement is not high, but low-cost tungsten concentrate getting goods is more difficult, the number of transactions is relatively limited. However, tungsten powder market is still weak adjustment, business shipments blocked, offer continued to lower.

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