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Characteristics Of Nickel Wire

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Characteristics of nickel wire

Nickel mechanical properties close to the carbon steel, its alkaline corrosion resistance in metallic materials, second only to silver, nickel wire in concentrated alkali surface will generate a layer of black protective film. It is very corrosion-resistant. Used for electric light source materials, coating, with high surface quality, good processing performance, for the production of work such as anodes, septa, electrode holder, etc., can also be used in the light guide wire leads, the other in the chlor-alkali industry has played a very important Role. Due to the different conditions of use of materials, there are a variety of components of the alloy. And the electrode material requires a low resistivity in order to avoid the electrode overheating, high temperature strength to reduce material wear and tear, under the arc more viscous melting volatilization to improve performance such as life.

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