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Non-ferrous Metals Role Status

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Non-ferrous metalsRole status

           Non-ferrous metals are the basic materials and important strategic materials for the national economy, people's daily life, national defense industry and science and technology development. Agricultural modernization, industrial modernization, national defense and the modernization of science and technology are inseparable from non-ferrous metals. Most of the components or components required for cutting-edge technologies such as aircraft, missiles, rockets, satellites and nuclear submarines, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as atomic energy, television, communications, radar and electronic computers, are mostly made of light and rare metals in non-ferrous metals; There is no nickel, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, niobium and other non-ferrous metals there is no production of alloy steel. Non-ferrous metals in some uses (such as the power industry, etc.), the amount used is considerable. Many countries in the world, especially industrialized countries, are racing to develop the nonferrous metal industry and increase their strategic reserves of nonferrous metals.

           Today, nonferrous metals have become an important material basis for determining the development of a country's economy, science and technology and national defense. It is also a key strategic resource for enhancing the country's overall strength and safeguarding national security. As the largest non-ferrous metal producer in our country, great progress has been made in the field of non-ferrous metal research, especially in the development and utilization of complex low-grade non-ferrous metal resources.

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