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In 2017, The Total Output Of Titanium Dioxide Reached 2.87 Million Tons

- Feb 11, 2018 -

In 2017, the total output of titanium dioxide reached 2.87 million tons

January 30, according to the National Chemical Industry Center for Productivity Promotion titanium sub-centers and titanium dioxide industry technology innovation alliance secretariat statistics, in 2017, the country can maintain the normal production of full-process titanium dioxide business (Group) For 2869539t, an increase of 272327t, an increase of 10.49%. The total output of the above 2869539t titanium dioxide is 2276426t for rutile, 443272t for anatase and 149841t for non-pigment, accounting for 79.33%, 15.45% and 5.22% respectively.

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