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Panzhihua Super Soft Sponge Titanium Became The Darling Of The Market

- Mar 16, 2018-

Panzhihua super soft sponge titanium became the darling of the market

On March 7th, the author learned from Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group's Sponge Titanium Branch that the company received the first super soft sponge titanium order in 2018 that was delivered on time and delivered the user by quality and quantity. The user was very satisfied with the product. Recently, two more users ordered super soft sponge titanium from the company.

As early as October 10, 2011, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Sponge Titanium Branch Company analyzed the 9.4 tons of ultra-soft sponge titanium with a Brinell hardness of less than 90, with a total weight of 32 tons of titanium sponge. The analytical index of the item fully meets the requirements of Ukrainian standards for super soft sponge titanium. This marks the Panzhihua Sponge titanium in the domestic production of titanium sponge industry Brinell hardness less than 90 products occupy a place.

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