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Frame Filter Press Process Of Operation

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Frame filter press process of operation

Frame filter press operation is the first filter aid with dilute waste acid or water into a suspension-like, through the compressed air Stir, and then hit with a pump on the good filter cloth frame filter press, the cycle filter, Under the action of pressure, the filter aid forms a uniform filter aid layer on the filter cloth until the circulating liquid is clarified. Then the pump to be filtered liquid titanium filtration cycle, until the filtrate to meet the requirements, immediately stop the cycle, the normal continuous filter press operation. Get clarity of titanium liquid, qualified titanium liquid storage tank, for the purpose of concentration, the titanium liquid solids content should be <0.06g / L.

For continuous filtration and filtration pressure is increasing, the filtrate flow less and less, indicating that the filter cloth has been blocked eye, this time should stop filtering, disassemble a small amount of detergent scrub cloth, and then re-installed, Press the above steps to re-filter press.

Filter media used in the filter cloth to acid-resistant long fiber 240 # polyester cloth as well. Polyester filter cloth used, you can use dilute lye soaked to regeneration.

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