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Frame Filter Press Structure And Working Principle

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Frame filter press structure and working principle

Frame filter press is 10-30 pairs of filter plates and filter boxes alternately arranged. A filter cloth is placed between each filter plate and the filter frame and rests on a support frame with a pressing device and a collecting tray. Compression device can be manual or electric operation, so that the filter plate and the filter box in close contact without leakage. The collector tray is used to collect the titanium liquid dripping down between the plate frames.

The filter plate and the filter frame have one hole at the upper corner and the lower corner at one side. After the plate frame is arranged, the holes are connected to each other into two channels, the upper channel is the flow passage of the titanium liquid to be filtered, The middle of the box is empty. The lower channel is a channel through which the filtered titanium liquid flows out and is communicated with the collection port of the filter plate. The four sides of the filter plate are smooth. The middle part is provided with a straight channel for filtrate flow. The channel is communicated with the lower channel, In the drainage channel and discharge.

Frame filter press work, the filter box is located between the two filter plates, forming a filter chamber, titanium slurry into the filter chamber, the solid particles were intercepted in the filter cloth, the clear liquid through the filter cloth, along the The groove on the filter plate flows downwards and flows to the passage opening, finally discharging in the drainage pipe.

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