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March Titanium Market Review

- Apr 15, 2018 -

March Titanium Market Review

The guide price of the Dachang titanium mine in Panzhihua, Sichuan has not changed, but the company said that the quoted price, which is the transaction price, no longer gives the other party a bargaining space. Therefore, the actual transaction price is slightly higher than before. The surrounding ore prices have also continued to increase, and the price gap with the big manufacturers has gradually narrowed. At present, the prices of small ore mining plants are concentrated between 1,250 yuan and 1,350 yuan/ton. At present, Panzhihua Middle China is still in tight supply and the market price is firm.

In the case of imported titanium ore, most of the African titanium ore prices are flat compared to the previous month. Domestic spot port prices are priced between 1,650 yuan and 1,700 yuan/ton; Vietnam's A mine prices are slightly raised at 30 yuan to 50 yuan/ton.

The overall turnover and inquiries of the titanium ore market increased from the previous quarter, but the market price did not significantly boost. Since the guidance price for domestic titanium ore was not raised this month, and the price of titanium dioxide has not involved dragon enterprises, most miners still use the wait-and-see strategy as a wait for clearer instructions.

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