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2018 Titanium Annual Meeting Held In Qinghai In April

- Apr 16, 2018-

2018 Titanium Annual Meeting Held in Qinghai in April

   The China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium-Zirconium Branch announced that the “2018 China Titanium Industry Annual Conference and Innovation and Development Forum” will be held on April 18-20 in Xining, Qinghai.

The conference focused on the theme of “New Times, New Integration, and New Development” to further promote the development of the titanium industry, promote the military-civilian integration and innovation construction in the titanium industry, explore the application fields of titanium materials, cultivate emerging markets, and enhance the innovative capacity of the titanium industry. Exchange and cooperation platform to promote the rapid cluster development of the industry, the conference will invite academicians, experts and scholars and industry professionals from the titanium industry development, titanium industry policy, application, technology and other aspects of exchanges, a total of titanium industry developments and suggestions.

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