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Titanium neckline nature

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Metal titanium is a bio-affinity of the metal, its biggest feature is the human body without any side effects, high biocompatibility, stability is also better, used to make jewelry than gold and silver lighter weight and special Of titanium color. Metal titanium anti-fatigue has not been verified, that is not credible, because the stability of titanium is too strong, the melting point (℃) is 1720, boiling point (℃) is 3530, it is impossible to release negative ions at room temperature and the like Human anti-fatigue.

Titanium is a very stable metal, titanium is the manufacture of aircraft, tanks, warships, submarines, missiles, spacecraft and other indispensable metal. Titanium even in the human body is also very stable, does not occur dissolved, ionization and other reactions, nor with the body's musculoskeletal function, can not be absorbed by the body, it is also called 'biological metal', in medicine generally as Bonding equipment. In addition, titanium is a very common material, according to the market price, titanium per gram less than a dollar.

The so-called health titanium products are titanium compounds, such compounds are non-metallic state, which is a special technology made, and metal titanium is completely different things.

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