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Titanium material casting

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Titanium material casting, is in the vacuum or protective gas conditions, the titanium material smelting, casting into the casting process.

Titanium material casting, titanium material is one of the preparation process.

Titanium material castings, mainly used in the aerospace industry. Important use parts are: engine compressor box, middle casing, blades, hollow guide, inner ring, supercharger impeller, bearing housing and bearing, aircraft bracket, umbrella, ear, short beam, lapel Wing slide, brake shell; missile control cabin, tail, rocket rear head, public bottom, etc .; satellite satellite bearings, scanner frame, tube and so on. In the civilian industry is widely used in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant pumps, valves, impellers; ship with a screw propeller; precision machinery shell, bracket, cylinder; medical artificial joints, prosthetic components; sports equipment, With, bicycle parts and so on.

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