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Titanium Collar Related Consumer Goods

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Titanium or titanium alloy due to the light weight and hard, medicine is often used to make the body's bone and joint substitutes, or surgical bone to fix the bone nails, and even popular artificial dental implant, the implanted man-made The roots are made of titanium metal.

And most of the contact should be pure titanium glasses frames, although pure titanium, but the purity is often due to the different prices and different access. Similarly, pure titanium frames will not have any health effects, with pure titanium to create glasses frames only for the quality of light can reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose.

There are also Japanese companies will be titanium material through a special liquefaction technology into the water, then the fiber cloth soaked in its fiber adsorption of titanium particles, and ultimately made of clothes or socks and other wear, it is said to relax the effect of muscle. Although the industry claims that such clothes can be used for a long time does not affect the effect, but there are many users in the network are washed and the effect was significantly worse.

In addition to the Japanese industry, another well-known Canadian industry, using another titanium compound called titanium carbide, through its known CWTtm treatment technology, made a product called Titanium Dr. products, including the collar, waist, belt , Cups, skin care products, etc., because it is not soaked in the way, so the effect of water and never lost, but also set off a wave of the use of the Internet boom.

The two companies (Japan and Canada) will be treated with special technology titanium material, it is said that there will be health effects, the network has many love users are effective, the real situation or should be determined by the actual use of the individual.

The market also has many known as titanium health products, but in fact it is mixed with other things made of counterfeit goods, the general consumer can not identify, it is recommended to buy more word of mouth brand products is appropriate.

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