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Titanium Clad Copper Bar for Copper Foil Electrowinning

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Type: Titanium Bars

  • Technique: Metallurgical Bond/ Explosion Bonding

  • Shape: Square

  • Copper: T2, Tu2

  • Zr: Zr

  • Transport Package: Polywood Package

  • Application: Industrial

  • Grade: GR2

  • Ti: Gr2

  • Ni: Ni 6

  • Origin: China

Gr2 Titanium clad copper bus bars anode and other non-ferrous metals clad composite materials electrodes.

Titanium clad copper bus bars anode is a copper bar cladding with a certain thickness of titanium level, mainly used as a stand in plating, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy processes, because it has not only the original conductive property of the copper bar, but also protecting the copper bar from corroded by titanium level, therefore avoid the traditional copper bus bars shortcomings: danger and difficulty changing the anode metals, copper bar corrosion, heat generation caused by the electrical contact resistance in electrolysis and plating defects due to corroded and fallen copper compound, can greatly lower pollution of electrolyte. Now, the submerged Ti clad copper bus bar is the best choice for many industries including print circuit makers, steel (copper, gold) refining manufacturers.



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