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DIN7991 Gr2 Hex Socket Countersunk Titanium Screw

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Material: Ta2/Tc4

  • Class: Gr2/Gr5

  • Head Style: Hexagonal

  • Grade: 10.9

  • Specification: DIN7991

  • Raw Material: Ta2/Tc4

  • Type: Countersunk Head

  • Connection: Rustproof

    Titanium screw characteristic:
    1. Light
    Titanium's relative density is about half that of copper and about 60% that of iron.

    2. Strong
    For its weight, titanium is about six times stronger than aluminum and about twice as strong as iron.

    3. Rustproof
    Titanium has better corrosion resistance against ocean water than stainless steel.

    4. Heat Resistance
    Titanium has a much better heat resistance than aluminum.

    5. Human Friendly
    Titanium is safe because it is biocompatible and does not harm the human body.

    6. Earth Friendly
    Titanium is 100% recyclable and is very friendly to the environment.

    7. Abundant Availability
    Titanium is one of the most abundant existing elements as a practical-use metal behind iron, aluminum and magnesium. It is referred to as an inexhaustible resource (titanium mineral ore such as rutile).

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