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The domestic production of primary magnesium is about 800,000 tons

- May 06, 2018-

The domestic production of primary magnesium is about 800,000 tons, and the profits of magnesium production and processing enterprises are about 1.2 billion yuan (the total profit is after aluminum, copper, lead-zinc, tungsten-molybdenum, rare-earth, silver, and before niobium, nickel, cobalt, and tin), Profit decreased by about 30% compared with 2014. The output of magnesium alloy sheet is only one thousand tons, and the number of modern and specialized magnesium alloy sheet production enterprises is very small. Most of them are titanium or aluminum strip processing enterprises assisting in production or processing with tape, and some magnesium alloy sheets Belt companies still remain at the stage of industrialization or industrialization trial production. There are no large-scale state-owned specialized magnesium alloy strip manufacturers in China. The output of magnesium alloy sheet and strip accounts for less than 1% of the original magnesium output, and even as low as 0.1% in previous years, which is far lower than the ratio of aluminum strips accounting for 20% to 30% of the original aluminum.

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