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Hamada Haruo introduced the working principle, characteristics, advantages

- May 23, 2018 -

Hamada Haruo introduced the working principle, characteristics, advantages, and application prospects of magnesium air battery products developed by MTES, and Wu Qiongxiong, Secretary General of the Sino-Japanese Magnesium Development Strategy Committee and Vice President of Shenzhen Jinglan Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. described the The background of the project, cooperation history, etc., Li Junjie introduced the development status of the new international energy industry, the future development trend, and expressed congratulations on the successful R&D of the MTES magnesium air battery, and also expected that the product could be completed and industrialized as soon as possible; Fu Guowei Fully affirmed the significance of this innovative product, and also wished that the cooperation project could be successfully completed.

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